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ADM Tech offers online remote and onsite training. Medium and Large subscriptions get 1 hour of free support and training per month. We highly recommend using this time to get the most from the application to discover new features and train new employees.

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Onsite training can be booked in 1/2 day slots and depending on your location it may be possible to book two 1/2 day slots on the same day but please email us before doing so. During the onsite training we will cover hands on group or individual training on uses ADM Tech application, listing best practice, warehouse management and order management.

Remote training can be booked in 1 hour or 2 hour slots. you will need access to a PC or Mac with a stable internet connection and ideally a hands free phone. We use a remote desktop program called AnyDesk, click this link to download and install the program. Once you have installed AnyDesk be ready to provide us with your AnyDesk ID.